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TITLE : Hugo And Miles In Ive Painted Everything

Exploration painting take your cue from hugo and help your young reader explore painting in a whole new way by changing where you place the canvas the size of the canvas or the shape of the canvas or in the case paper painting becomes a brand new adventure and engages young brains and imaginations in a completely different wayscott magoon is an art director who has written and illustrated several acclaimed picture books including hugo and miles in ive painted everything he lives in reading massachusetts he lives in reading massachusettshugo som 10000 maniacs because the night big star candy everybody wants dont talk eat for two gold rush bride hey jack kerouac if you intendhugo is deep in an elephunk because hes already painted everything the buddies leave their happy hometown of cornville for a revitalizing trip to parisscott magoons hugo and miles in ive painted everything tells of a creative artist elephant who cant find anything further to paint a whirlwind trip to paris seems to offer few solutions until hugo discovers he has plenty to paint if only he begins to see things in a different light

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